Monday, June 27, 2005

I was tagged...

Jennifer tagged me with this meme. I just kept the final question, because there were two different questions, which was confusing, when it had to be a list. (But, considering the pressure I'm under right now, this is the pertinent question for me.) I think I'll also make this a "Greatest Hits of the Queen of West Procrastination" with many links. Because, essentially, the purpose of this blog is to "lower [my] stress/blood pressure/anxiety level."

What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list; post it in your journal. [Would you believe that I went through and edited the grammar in the instructions?]
1. Showering. Not a bubble bath: then I just sit there and stew about the things that distress me. Or I get bored. But, boy, do I love a good shower. I also come up with my best writing ideas in the shower. I sit down in the bathtub and let the water run over me, when I'm really stressed.
2. Reading something really escapist. Or I watch movies.
3. Talking things out with someone who doesn't worsen my anxiety. Chris is a good one for helping me figure things out. Meg and Karl have also become experts, what with the number of times when I've just randomly started crying during stressful times during the past two years.
4. Obsessive organisation. Sometimes having control over something small helps me to handle the big things in my head. And so I'll make lists, or clean my room, or organise the tupperware cabinet, or organise and prioritise my iTunes playlists... This might also be why I often find marking to be relaxing: I am very meticulous in my marking.
5. Drinking tea, or making elaborate coffee drinks. With the latter, it's more the process than the consumption that calms me.
6. Getting out of the house and go for a walk. The creek near my house is a very calming place to go. When I walk, I pray, which helps immensely.
7. Cooking something elaborate. (This is rare, unfortunately.)
8. Blogging things out.
9. Writing in my real journal.
10. Crazying up the roommate.
11. Reading through the Psalms, if I'm really worked up. The rest of the Bible, if I'm a little more coherent.
12. If I'm in a really bad state of panic, then I highly recommend breathing exercises. My yoga instructor taught me a good one that helps me.

And I'm not going to actually tag anyone. Okay, anyone who feels like blogging this is tagged!

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