Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Next Level of Procrastination...

I'm doing really useful things that have nothing to do with my thesis. But I need this. Tonight I'll get back to work. Today, I was rather frustrated (read: reading to scream or cry) for non-specified reasons, and so I realised that I had a choice: either I could just sit down and cry and make myself more depressed, thus making myself less useful when it came time to get back to work; or I could do some happy busy work and change my frame of mind. Thankfully, I did the latter. I made a double batch of banana-chocolate chip muffins (I've been saving bananas for this purpose, for quite a while), and then I vacuumed most of the house. All with my fabulous new haircut, and wearing dress clothes and pearls. Why does that make me feel better? Should I be worried? Am I becoming Donna Reed? (Those who know my future last name will be even more amused by that question.)

I think/hope this busyness will help me get back to work. I've been taking care of a bunch of tasks that have been haunting me for the past while. In the past two days, in addition to the above-listed projects, I've also taken care of almost all my laundry, and I've organised my photos from the last two years into a photo album. I'm particularly proud of myself for that last accomplishment. I did that while trying to get rid of a perfume-induced headache.

I'm officially crazy. And yet feeling way better than I did two hours ago. The world is my oyster: I've made two dozen muffins!

I am wearing: navy dress pants, purple dress shirt, pearls and an apron.

I last ate: leftover Satay Chicken, cold and from the container.

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