Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hodge Podge Day

This will be a rather scattered day. I need to get some more work done this morning/early afternoon, while I wash some bedding for my parents (I have an oversized washer and dryer; they do not). Then, I go over to my parents' house in the afternoon and visit with my aunt and little cousins that are going to be visiting (they're from near Yorkton, and I haven't seen them since Christmas -- and the littlest one I've only seen once, because they just adopted her last year!). Fun. After that, I have to figure out how to fit into my schedule: more homework, prayer meeting, and visiting in the evening with an old friend who is going to be in town on her way home from Brandon to Calgary. Crazy day.

On another note, my mom called to tell me that a collection of political biographies, to which I contributed several entries, has been published and my free copy arrived at their house today! Yay, publication credit on my CV that isn't "To Be Published in 2005"! Wow. It's been so long since I worked on these (I finished the first one two years ago, over spring break, and then the rest of them I wrote in the spring and summer of 2003), that I barely remembered the names of the people I wrote about. It was back when I was transitioning from Canadian History to European. They'd better also send me the agricultural biographies book, because the Charles McGill Hamilton entry ended up in there, too.

Nerdy excitement. Almost as exciting as the day that I discovered an article where the author had quoted me (or my essay I'd contributed to the previous issue of the journal) and footnoted me heavily. It's really exciting to be a footnote! I'm a scholarly secondary source! Poor Meg, Becca and Karl (back when Becca was in Regina, and so she was honorary roomie #2) when I was looking through that journal. Suddenly, I shouted, "Sheeeeeeeeee cited meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" And I started dancing around with the journal. Becca took a picture of me holding the two issues (the one where I was published, and the one where I was quoted) in the air. I'm officially crazy.

Now I'd better go do laundry.

I am wearing: yellow pyjamas (with capri bottoms) and my Old Navy green fuzzy zip-up bunnyhug over top of them. And rubber-soled slippers.

I have eaten: Cinnamon Roll Quaker Oatmeal. I got a box that has that flavour and Banana Loaf flavour. That was a good day when I found it. I think this year banana is last year's pear. Not that it's fully unseated pear.

Song currently stuck in my head: "Sarala" off of Caedmon's Call's Share the Well. I listened to that CD a lot last night, to cheer me up. Oh, saying the name of the CD got the title song in my head now. Good song. That CD reminds me to pray for other countries.

I am joyful because: the sun is shining through the window. And because I'm going to see a lot of beloved people today.


Becca said...

Oh Mary--- the memories - your blog always makes me miss Regina immensely - I still don't have that picture developed... i think it must be on my little disposable camera... soon to be developed :)... I agree that Share the Well is a good CD... bought it down here... keep smiling- and living- and blogging - Take care

Crazy Legs said...

You've been "officially insane/crazy" for quite a while now Mary.

Put a picture of your hot haircut up soon.

I just bought new slippers. They are LION'S heads! (claps hands excitedly) Comfy and oh so sexy. Rowr.