Thursday, February 24, 2005

High Heels and Pearls

I had a good evening tonight -- hanging out with Bronwyn, Lyn and Kara (the one that's on her way from Brandon to Calgary). After supper at East Side Mario's (it was my first time there -- it's very good, albeit expensive-ish), Lyn and I did a bit of shopping. We went to The Shoe Company and I ended up buying my wedding shoes. I meant to get something D width with a kitten heel (guaranteed to fit me properly and be comfortable), but the pair they had like that were depressing. They weren't at all fun! And so, I bought some leather open-toed ones (they're a bit off-white, but they'll be under a lot of dress), with heels that are bordering on stilletto. Therefore, I need to learn to walk in them. And I must break them in plenty, to allow room for my extra-wide toes. (Note on the link: if you're really curious as to what they look like, click on "More pictures" and scroll until you see the "white/pearlized" pair.)

Apparently, a decade wearing chunky heels has made me clumsier than I was when I was 14. Which was the last time I wore this thin of heels. Back then, I could run in them. I think I also played volleyball in them once (it was just after a church service at camp...I actually tore my skirt). Now: my ankles are weak. Which is funny, because they're fondly known as cankles (calf-ankles). I've already toppled over in them a couple of times. Ha! I'll blame the shoes.

I put on pearls to add to the effect. I feel super-fantastic, swanning about the house. My poor, sick roommate, who is never quite sure what to do with my when I'm crazy. Not to mention the fact that she's sick, and for once I'm not also sick! (This is the first time she hasn't caught her cold from me. No idea where it came from.)


Crazy Legs said...

Maryanne, you do NOT have cankles. Didn't you ever see Shallow Hal? A cankle is when the calf merges with the ankle and there is no shin. People of your tiny width can not possibly have cankles.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Mikey, I'm fully aware of what a cankle is. Regardless of the size of one's leg, if one's calf becomes one's foot without a narrowing for ankle in between, it is therefore a cankle. And cankles I have. They are worsened by: capri pants and Birkenstocks.

Crazy Legs said...

I still dispute this "fact."