Friday, February 25, 2005

Three Pigtails McGee

Indicative of my mood this evening: I have my hair in three pigtails. Two on the sides of my head, and one in a bobbly on top of my head. I've also defined cankles and run around my house shrieking, "Baby Mitten! Baby Mitten!" as Meg yelled "It's not a baby mitten!" I've sung most of "Dancing Queen," much to the chagrine of my ABBA-hating roommate and her equally unfun boyfriend. I kept "Tiny Dancer" inside my head, because I'm also the only one around here that enjoys that song.

And now Meg just downloaded the "Duck Hunt" theme song. Do you know what I love? Duck Hunt. For a brief moment last summer I got really good at it (it was while I was staying at my aunt and uncle's house during a history conference in Saskatoon), but only when I fired Annie-Oakley-one-handed style, sitting side-saddle on an ottoman. I was unstoppable. And Chris was a little too impressed. Especially because I'm such a pacifist.

Oh, dear goodness. Meg just downloaded a Ska version of the Tetris theme. It sounds like every other ska song I've ever heard. That's a fad that I don't want to revisit. Okay, now it's getting better. But it still has that ska background, and that drives me crazy.

Tonight I have also: tried chocolate Rice Dream again, but this time I added Laura Secord hot chocolate mix to it. Speaking of brushing one's teeth with Jell-O... The quest to cut back on dairy was also thwarted by the Babybel cheese I ate, and the grilled cheese sandwich I had for lunch. I'm good at changing my diet for my allergies.

On the whole: you can tell we're in "crunch time". The whole world's gone mad. I had some profound thoughts I was going to write about, but I leave those to another time. Madness reigns right now. Not that we haven't all gotten quiet again. Sigh. Now I'm winding down. Bobbly pigtails, you are failing me!

Maybe next time I'll be coherent. I'll proofread my entry, too. Ha!


Life of Turner said...

Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer. It came on when I was in Salvation Army the other day. It was about halfway through the song before I realized that I had been singing along, albeit somewhat demurely. Definitely goes along with "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Live and Let Die," and "Hotel California" on the "Sing-along 70s" disc I plan to create someday.
And go Duck Hunt. I just bought a game called "Gotcha!," which is a paintball game using the Nintendo Zapper. But my zapper is broken. It won't work unless I'm less than a foot from the screen. Time to buy a new Zapper. And play more Duck Hunt.
And whatever people say, ska isn't dead. I love Ska Tetris, just like rock Dr. Mario (it does exist!). "I want to do three things: preach the gospel, reach your heart, and ska ska ska ska."
-O.C. Supertones, Adventures of the O.C. (1996).

Derek out.

Meg Persson said...

Just because I don't like ABBA you label me as unfun? I'll show you fun..well, maybe after my nap. As for Karl.. uh.. well, he is wearing a CableRegina shirt.

Life of Turner said...

I tend to agree with Maryanne, especially after the tongue-lashing you gave Keith Green. He's the definition of fun, making you the antithesis of fun, Meg. Gotta tell it like it is, and call 'em like I see 'em.

Derek out.

Crazy Legs said...

Duck Hunt is a hoot and a holler. I was capping the skeets pretty good in the clay shooting last time I played... at a good distance too. I was impressed with myself.

Good job on the cable shirt Karl. AND CHECK YOUR FREAKING E-MAIL AND ACCEPT MY BLOG INVITE! Geeeze... guy wouldn't know majesty if it came up and bit him in the FACE.