Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fifteen Helens Agree...

...that I should have been in bed ages ago!

I am getting my thesis ready to submit for defence tomorrow. Okay, today. I didn't get started until midnight, because first there was a bridal shower at my house. Pretty things were received, fabulous food was eaten, and karaoke was sung. Good times all around. (Have I mentioned my love of karaoke? Because I love karaoke.) We had a game where, whenever I opened a present, the person who gave that present had to tell an embarassing story about me. (If she had no embarassing story to tell, she could defer to Janice or Ky, who have endless stories about me.) I have wonderful friends who really make me feel special. There was even a carload of people from Saskatoon, who came down just for tonight.

Now I'm madly rushing through the thesis. I've made all the changes Dr. B suggested, I've changed the formatting for the paper, I've made up my title page and my table of contents. All that's left is writing the abstract, the acknowledgement and the dedications. I know exactly who I thank in the acknowledgement (the Faculty, my department and Dr. B), but the Faculty instructions specify that it must be written in "formal style." What does that mean? And I'm just blanking on the abstract. Sure, I know that I'll just end up starting from the abstract I gave SSHRC, but right now I think I'm just tired.

I think I'll take my computer along to the high school grad, at which my orchestra is playing tomorrow morning. We have a lot of down time during the grad, and so I'll write the abstract and everything else then. After that, I'll come home, print it all off, and have everything in to the Department Secretary just after lunch. Good.

Okay, I'll quickly change the order of my bibliography (I just noticed that the Faculty urges against having your "List of References" sub-divided, although it's fairly conventional in my department) and go to bed.

And then we'll see whether I'm defending during the last week of July, or the first week of September. Pray, please.


Chris Reed said...

Yeah pretty things. Have a good time at the grad ceremony. Be all prideful and pompus and such. See you in two days.

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Janny said...

So the other 15 Helens think you should have stayed up? There were 30 Helens.