Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Now Sarah Bunting from Tomato Nation is forcing me to think rationally about the previously-mentioned film. I knew I was going to have to come to terms with the gaping plot holes at some point. But it was fun at the time.

I am wearing: a black Batman t-shirt, layered over a white long-sleeved t-shirt, jeans and purple socks.

I am listening to: "If I Could Have a Windmill" by Sharon, Lois and Bram. (WG is eating a snack right now. Okay, she's currently pretending to be a puppy.)

Other less-than-thoughtful movies I'm anticipating this summer: Batman Begins (the combination of Batman and Christian Bale? Huzzah!) and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This summer I've given in to hype. It's been a long time since I could have said that.

I concede: that Derek is right, and the trailers make Fantastic Four look terrible. I'm still recovering from the disappointment.

Movie plans for the next month and a half: watch as many wedding movies as possible (barring Monster-in-Law -- I do have some standards).

The last movie I watched: The Lorax, this morning with WG.

On my brain: movies.

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Jen said...

Yup, movies are on your brain, all right.