Friday, February 04, 2005

Coffee House Junkie Review: Me!

We had a "Coffee House" night with IVCF tonight. Had a band playing, with awesome recorded jazz playing between the sets, and I worked the cappuccino bar. I did a lot of singing along to stuff, and shoulder-shimmying.

Confession: I have a passion for steaming and frothing milk.

I. Am. A. Genius. I invented a new coffee drink: Nutellaccino. It's a Mochaccino with a shot hazelnut syrup. This evening really gave me an opportunity to be persnickety: the balance of milk and espresso (okay, strong coffee) to frothed milk, shaking stuff on top for garnish...

I am now doing homework with: Meg, Karl, and Neighbour Boy Eldon. (Different kind of neighbour than Schmuckie.) Well, Eldon's more reading Get Fuzzy comics while sitting in Meg's hammock chair. We were teasing him, before Karl came over, that Eldon was here to observe female behaviour in its natural habitat (he was making notes on his hand).

Maybe I'll get some more homework done before I go to bed. I have enough caffeine coursing through my system. Oh Nutellaccino, you shall be my doom!

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