Friday, February 04, 2005

"I've got to admit it's getting better; it's getting better all the time"

Today has been better. I went to school for an 8:40am allergy injection (I am still surprised I got up early enough for that), and then wrote 6 more pages of my thesis before my noon yoga class. I haven't gotten any work done since I got home, but I'm amusing myself by being entirely clad in red. Red sweatpants with a red bunnyhug. I look like a an 9-year old boy from the mid-1980s.

I also amused myself by giving nicknames (in my head) to people that I passed in the hallways. My favourite was when I called a guy, who I saw frequently in the Kinesiology Building, "Henry Winkler as a TV Homeless Man." Face of Fonzie, hair of a TV homeless man.

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