Thursday, February 03, 2005

Writer's Block

I'm all set up to work, and have been so for hours now, but I've only written a little less than a page of Chapter One. (This puts me at page 11 of 100). I'm all set up at the kitchen table, with all my books around me, and I have a detailed outline written, but: blah. I stare at the computer screen, and I zone out. After this, I'm going to have to unplug my network card, to keep myself from being tempted to check my e-mail and play on the Internet anymore. If it was earlier in the day, I'd go for a walk, but I think I'd just get tired and not feel like working.
(Can you believe I had to go back and edit that, so that it wouldn't mess up my blog?)
Okay, that felt better.

I am wearing: my traditional uniform, right down to the rubber-soled slippers. But with bobbly pigtails, still.

I am listening to: Greatest Latin, this CD that Andru (neighbour boy) lent Meg, for tomorrow night's IVCF coffee house. Combined with the cup of tea I'm drinking, I can almost pretend I'm at Abstractions. (Minus cute waiter boy.)

I am currently consuming: cold leftover Kraft Dinner (why am I so disgusting? Did you notice what I ate for breakfast?), peppermint tea and copious amounts of water.

I am grumpy because: Dr. B doesn't think I used the word "teleological" properly, and I think I did. I even checked the OED! Is it bad that I want to copy the definition and send it to him, and then not change my wording?

How'm I feelin'? Hot hot hot

I am amused by: the word "dongle".


justanothergirl said...

Oh, sweet Mary...your blog is awesome. I too blog to waste my time - isn't life grand. May I suggest going to Stone's Throw by the university for a coffee shop review - that place is awesome. Try the banana chocolate chip loaf. It's heaven.

Anonymous said...

Silly swister why do you not post comments on my blog?

Crazy Legs said...

Yes, dongle truly is a great word for the immature. And the mature too. I think that'll be my word of the day.