Thursday, February 03, 2005

And then I force myself to work...

Time at beginning of post: 11:41 am.

Amount accomplished today: um, not much?

I am wearing: sweatpants, my ancient Pinky and the Brain t-shirt by brother gave me once for my birthday (it's huge and black, with the Brain staring menacing, glowing neon green), and my hair is in bobbly pigtails. Bare feet -- it's too warm for slippers!

I have eaten: an ancient piece of french toast I found in my fridge, covered in Nutella.

Yesterday's accomplishments: well, I had a meeting with Dr. B, my supervisor (things are on track, barring the fact that I have 20 days to finish the rest of this first draft, and the other annoyance that he hasn't gotten the hint that I won't be able to read German before I finish the paper); I picked up Chris's wedding band (pretty); I ordered 20 metres of silk douppioni; I went to prayer meeting; I talked on the phone with Chris and Ky. Okay, so not much academic was accomplished. I may have re-won my title.

I am listening to: the melodious sounds of Schmucky (name derived from Meg's original name for him: "The Schmuck Downstairs"), the downstairs neighbour, loud-talking and listening to some kind of music. That boy has no inside voice. And lives with his mom, although he's much older than I. And sometimes parks crookedly, keeping Meg from getting into her parking spot. And sings "Summertime (and the living is easy)" in his backyard, immediately below our balcony, in the summer when our window is open. And the sounds of my diligent next door neighbour doing dishes. They do dishes way more often than us (you can hear the water running). Yup, this building has concrete construction, and yet we hear plenty.

And now: it's time to stop and get to work.

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