Saturday, January 15, 2005

At least I'm dressed now

Pigtails (to mask the fact that I never got around to washing my hair), Chat Noir t-shirt that I bought from a Parisian street vendor, layered over a white long-sleeved t-shirt, baggyish pants and my ubiquitous rubber soled slippers. This is my costume for continuing to feel like a "Culture Vulture" (Globe and Mail term), as a result of starting to blog today, and because I'm about to watch Iron Giant on CBC. Yay, Movie Night in Canada! (I've just alienated all those people who miss hockey.) Boo, having to do other stuff!

I swear that tomorrow I will get real work done. Today has been a good day: I had an hour and a half phone conversation with my fiancé Chris (he lives far away); I got to tease Karl (the roommate's boyfriend, the Jack to our Janet and Chrissie, except I don't know much "Three's Company," and Karl doesn't live here; he just eats our food) who I can now best in a debate because his brain is foggy with a cold; I started a new method of procrastination, and will now be re-watching Iron Giant for the first time since I watched it in theatres with my then-boyfriend (he was very obsessed with cartoons). This time, I will be able to appreciate the Brad Bird genius without it being sullied by my 19-year-old "I can't define myself outside of this relationship, and so I'd better like this movie since he seems to like it" insecurity.

Procrastination Low of the Semester: massive re-organisation of my socks and underwear drawer, followed by re-sorting my closet, followed by cooking an elaborate supper.

Procrastination Low of the School Year: elaborate wall collage of all of my favourite photos, in my room. It took days.

Blogging Makes Me Fearful For: my status as a grammatical stickler. Have you seen my long sentences and propensity toward parenthetical asides?

Favourite Word of the Day: "emote" (as a verb)

Confession: I often dress up in odd ways to get work done.

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Anonymous said...

"Culture Vulture" is not a Globe and Mail term. It's a common term. In fact, Tim calls Gareth one on "The Office."