Sunday, January 16, 2005

Thank You Falletinme Bee Mice Elf Agin

I think I might be in a bit of a dramatic mood today. Not that there would be much evidence for that, outside of my head. Outward evidence of dramatic mood: I'm wearing a black shawly-poncho thingy as if I were a rich dowager, and I'm drinking my water out of a goblet. Except I'm also in slippers, which kind of kills the dramatic mood. But this mild dramatic flair shouldn't be a surprise for me, since this is Sunday afternoon and, because I dress up for church, I continue to be in a dress-up mood for the rest of the day. And in a napping mood, but I must fight that tendency, because I need to get some real work done this afternoon.

Iron Giant was as brilliant as I vaguely remembered it being. Actually, more brilliant. Unfortunately, I has gotten my brain mulling over Cold War politics, which is not good, because I need to focus on Germany under the Weimar Republic. A side note: you should really check out the history of Germany's Weimar Republic (1918-1933). People get so distracted by the wars and the Nazism that they forget there was this brief (but tragic) attempt at democracy in the middle. I specialise in its "crisis years," from the American stock market crash in 1929, to Hitler's appointment as chancellor in 1933. That little span of time was nuts, and was so much more than a simple "rise of Nazism." Anything could have happened, up until January 30th. On another side note, the Weimar Republic is an interesting lesson to those who think you can force a democracy on people who have never experienced democracy before, don't really understand it, associate it with people who humiliated them with war, and didn't really ask for that democracy.

[At which point, Maryanne's one reader was lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of history babble.]

Okay, so now I'll ask some questions of myself, to end off this entry:

I am currently procrastinating from: Getting to work.

Song currently stuck in my head: "Georgia on My Mind" (as a result of my playing with the fonts).

Song stuck before that: "Thank you falletinme bee mice elf again" by Sly and the Family Stone

Last movie watched: Collateral. Karl and Meg rented that and we watched it just after Iron Giant finished. I was surprised by how good it was, but also how much it increased my desire never to go to Los Angeles. And I already had a pretty big aversion to LA. (I blame Paris Hilton.)

I am thankful for: my roommate, who made me taco pizza last night.


Life of Turner said...

Yay history babble! Almost as good as NFL football as a tool of somnabulatory instigation. There's nothing better than a good Sunday afternoon nap at the end of the first game when it's a blowout in the fourth quarter, like Minnesota and Philadelphia today, to get prepped for the big second game that you really want to watch, like Indianapolis and New England. That's right, I just did some sports talkin' on your blog. I win.

Derek out.

arimich <> said...

*Shin Kick!* I'm not sure whether or not I want that to be a friendly gesture! You didn't tell me you had a blog! I'm excited beyond words. Don't worry, I like history helps me put my kids to sleep when they're being rowdy in class. :) Love you tons!

Aardvark Al said...

I like the history babble. Have always been interested in the Weimar republic because it might have been avoided if Britain, France and the US hadn't insisted on the crushing reparations that were imposed on Germany. Without the economic turmoil that followed those reparations (and the humiliating defeat during the war), Hitler might not have come to power. It wasn't for nothing that Churchill described WWII as "the unnecessary war". But then what do I know? I'm just an aardvark.

Chris Reed said...

While most people were sleeping I was keying in on the worried panic tone of the obvious "Don't people see that Iraq could be another Nazi Germany" analogy going on in your head. Some thing to keep in mind though is that Iraq has been a democracy before and that thousands of refugees worldwide are looking forward to this vote as a return to democracy. Canada alone has 38,000 registered Iraqy voters.
I am not trying to justify a war, or any of Bush's campaigns but I know that I found that information reassuring to me. As for the L.A. bit, I agree totally.