Monday, January 17, 2005

Hard-Hearted Harbinger of Haggis

It is very late, and I must go to sleep, but I just checked the blog and found that I have comments! I have more than one reader (Meg, the roommate). (Perhaps, by linking to her blog, this will incite her to update it.)

And so I will fight the urge to become like Dr. Johnny Fever -- in the episode where he tells everyone to dump their garbage on the mayor's (?) lawn and they do, and thousands do just that, causing him to realise that people listen to him, provoking him to suddenly have stage fright -- and I will soldier onward, addressing some of the questions and comments from my numerous (read: 4) fans.

Janice: I am still fairly certain that Pete and Sharon dated briefly. Meg agrees with me, which makes it true in my mind, short of someone actually forcing me to check an episode guide.

Derek: Football. Pah! I'm going to post comments on your blog about... Anne of Green Gables!

AriMich: I've had the blog for a day and a half, and you live in Taiwan! I was going to tell you fairly soon. I'm sure of it. Not that I didn't forget to invite you to my birthday that one year. Goldfish memory.

And Aardvark Al: Pleased to meet you. But now I'm going to be encouraged to ramble on even more about Weimar history. And that means I might start talking about Hans Fallada.

Thank you for humouring me for a moment, as I pretended to be famous. I've had a good, albeit non-productive weekend. Tomorrow I have errands to run (Dear Globe Fabrics: Please encourage your suppliers to stop discontinuing fabric that I've already ordered. Much love, the Procrastination Queen - West), but then maybe I'll get some more done. Okay, I confess that I read a couple of articles and so the weekend wasn't a complete waste. (Hi, Mom and Dad! Welcome to my blog, now that Janice linked to it from hers! Yes, I really do work and you don't have to worry! I'm just having fun chronicling my adventures in procrastination along the way.)


Anonymous said...

I checked an episode guide and I was right, they never dated. They kissed once after Sharon broke up with Johnny. Nothing happened as a result. Sharon and Johnny soon got back together then eventually got married.

Crazy Legs said...

Good day ma'am,

Big hugs from the Duke of Le. Add one to your list of readers now that I have your blog address. Ha! That's the consequence of becoming a member of MY blog! ( Now you've made yourself trackable! Big brother is watching with a squinty eye! And it shifts to and fro! Ahahahahahahah! I'm feeling odd today. Do you still have that cracked out poem I left on your desktop?

- Mikey

Becca said...

Oh Mary- how I miss thee - I miss the randomness of you - and of course your "wigglin" and the importance- on each day of procrastination - what you wear to suit the day - drank tea today and missed my dear friends in the #4-625 household - Love you both - however chatted with you this morn so that helps a bit -
Keep up the bloggin' love it!

arimich <> said...

I am all about posting Anne on Derek's blog. I do worry about his comments back, though, considering a certain Saturday and certain *grrr* conversations.

I hadn't realized I'd found your blog so quickly. It's nice to be able to see my friends being silly together again. Keep it up!