Monday, January 17, 2005

And I continue to post twice a day

I'm tired, because I went shopping with an old friend today. It's sometimes outside my paradigm that there's a part of me that "goes shopping" to spend time with someone. Well, I guess it's strange to think of that when I'm sitting here with my computer on my lap, working on cerebral things. Today, I was a different me: I'm wearing a charcoal sweater and jeans, and earlier today I was standing in Linens 'N' Things, raving about pots and pans. And I also did some bargaining at Globe Fabrics regarding silk douppioni. But that's a different me. (Movie George, coffee shop George...)

Sometimes it's hard to fit me into a box: in the History department, I'm usually too literary. But I'm far too linear for philosophical English types. Sometimes I pretend to be a pretentious scholarly type, but I love Gordon Korman novels and ABBA music, and have willingly watched Legally Blonde on several occasions! (Don't get me started about Cliff from Bring It On...) Or I exclaim"dude!" And I'm not all that serious, or not usually. And I'm also girly romantic. There's a Jane Austen/L.M. Montgomery/Louisa Mae Alcott fan in me. But not to an extreme -- I can get excited about interior decorating, and domestic things, but I'm also most likely the one at the dinner party to leave the women chatting in the kitchen, and go argue with the men in the living room. And why are the men in the living room? Well, I mean the men except for the one I'm marrying -- he's more likely to cook than I am. No, I lied there -- I love cooking, when I can be a control freak about it. But not that I really do anything with much consistency. I've been known to have Jell-o and popcorn for supper, and to wade through piles of junk, because I can't get up the gumption (or I see myself as too busy) to do anything domestic. I fluctuate between going for weeks without washing dishes, and raving about the weight of my new stock pot. I obsessively organise my bookcase and Tupperware cupboard, and then go for a month without unpacking from a trip. I am both shy and outgoing, depending on the circumstances. (I am equal parts introvert and extrovert. I know people who question whether I talk, and those who question whether I shut up.)

Sorry. I meandered into some self-analysis there. I'm notorious for that. I'll end off with asking myself some questions:

Song currently stuck in my head: "Mele Kalikimaka." I just heard someone call that song worse for getting stuck in your head than both "Soldier Boy" and "Edelweiss" combined. This song has been in my head since December.

Currently Reading: Erich Kästner, Fabian: The Story of a Moralist. Maybe that's the root of all my brooding self-analysis. Or my craving to watch the original Parent Trap movie. (He wrote the book on which the original movie was based.)

My Socks Are: boring white today. Sorry. Maybe that's why I'm not as clever today.

I am currently procrastinating from: driving Karl home (he doesn't have a car, and Meg can't take him home). Oh, and working on that thesis.

I am thankful for: the weather getting warmer overnight! Huzzah!


Crazy Legs said...

Maryannes are COMPLEX. Glad I never got ahold of that llama... or goat... whatever. I'd never be able to figure you out, not in a million, trillion, billion years.

arimich <> said...

Haha! Mikey, you'd have no idea what you were getting yourself into! Good decision. That superman of a Christopher is more than perfect for our MaryFaye (not saying anything against you, mind you...). Mary, we love you exactly the way you are. Love, Ari.