Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Question Time

Current Time: 12:09 pm

Current Computer Battery Life: 25% (must find adapter)

Wearing: Pyjamas and slippers. Again.

Procrastinating From: getting ready to go out -- I have to replace my windshield wiper, and then spend an hour babysitting

Song currently stuck in my head: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," because I just checked my sister's blog and that's what she was listening to. Check out that entry -- it's pretty funny.

Before that? "There Is Nothing Like a Dame," from South Pacific. Poor roommate, since I was singing it out loud. And "dancing" (it needs quotation marks, because it sure wasn't anything recognisable as dancing).

Most recent procrastination venture: I made an awesome breakfast. French toast and oranges. Before that, it was an hour-long phone call from Taiwan.

Realisation since last posting: I think I enjoy being a bunch of contradictions. Because I hate when people make assumptions about me.

Favourite Word of the Day: "wont." "As I am wont to do, I am posting a blog entry before I've actually done anything real since my last posting."

Now I am: talking on the phone with my mother, about windshield wipers and Bible cases. She broke my last windshield wiper. (Well, she was being helpful and, while helping me fix my car, decided to scrape off my window. With a shovel.)

I am thankful for: warmer weather! Now I can be less crazy/cabin-fevery/depressed.

I am not thankful for: freezing rain, combined with a lack of a driver's side windshield wiper.

I am amused/frightened by: Margaret Atwood.


arimich <> said...

Way to let me know how much sleep I got, Mary. Here I was assuming I got a full eight hours. Now I suppose I have to be tired for the rest of the day! Grrr. By the way, I'm excited that my word made your word of the day - "wont." I feel important.

Anonymous said...

Glad you were amused by the pics. I thought they needed to be shared with the world they were that good.