Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GIST: Day 6

1. I love the nurses at the University Health Services. Thanks to the regular allergy shots I've been getting there for the past three and a half years, I've gotten to know each of them really well, and every single one of them is wonderful. I also love that I'm now officially part of the training for the new nurses; my shot is different from the other allergy shots and they're not done training until they've met me and given me my shot. Is it weird that it makes me happy?

2. There is a sweet little girl back home who turned three years old today. I called her to sing "Happy Birthday" to her, and we debated about which of us was the birthday girl today. (Three-year-olds are, by definition, silly.) I can't believe how grown up she's gotten, and I'm so thankful that she's such a healthy, happy little girl.

3. In the glorious tradition of "QoWP always ends up talking about food in these lists," I'm thankful for beets today. Seriously: beets are delicious, and anyone who says otherwise is a crazy person. Chris used a gift certificate he had for a market near his school and brought home bunches of young red and golden beets today, and I used the golden beets in a stew (I figured the red beets would turn my stew purple) and sauteed the beet greens. Oh my goodness, I'd never had beet greens before and it's all I can think of now. Chris will be lucky if I don't cook up all the rest of the beet greens and eat them for lunch tomorrow. Lightly sauteed with some garlic and then dressed in lemon juice? I think they could surpass cheese and popcorn in the running for Best Thing Ever.

Come to think of it, now that he's snoring beside me, Chris'll be lucky if I don't sneak out to the kitchen right now and sautee the rest of those beet greens while he's sleeping. It would serve him right, for being able to fall asleep instantly while his wife's such an insomniac.

4. I'm thankful for my blog readers, who patiently bear with me while I rave about beets. And sometimes purple potatoes.

5. Bedtime is a good thing. And so is not having to get up early tomorrow.


May-B said...

I heart beets too!! I've never seen the gold ones, but I am so getting some.

The Blog Fodder said...

Beets are wonderful. We froze some this year and next will freze all. The tops were too old even when sorted so were a little bitter. Beets are good hot, cold, pickled, in salad, soup, everywhere. Purple stew sounds interesting.
But if you get up late at night to cook beet tops, you will start rumours.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I love that my talk of beets brought comments from a father and daughter.

May-B: I really liked the golden ones (this was the first time I'd tried them). I think they were a little milder-flavoured than the red ones.

Blog Fodder: Everything I've read has said that you should cut the greens off and eat them within a few days, and then the roots are fine for much longer. That's why we're eating the greens this week, and then I'll use the beets in a good borscht later next week.