Monday, February 18, 2008

Signs that I'm well into grad school now

Chris and I were driving to the University library this evening so that I could return a 3-day Reserve book. As we drove, I fretted that I would probably run into everyone I knew this evening, as I was looking a little more like a crazy person than usual (well, mostly I was leaving the house with fairly pronounced bobbly pigtails in my hair). That's when Chris pointed out that there was no chance I was going to see anyone at all at the library.

Seeing as we were going to the University library at 10:00 on a Sunday evening at the beginning of our Spring Break. Yeah, that place was a ghost town.

Is it sad that Spring Break has absolutely no effect on me? My work load is exactly the same. No, wait. It has one small effect: I'm actually feeling more inclined to go to campus this week, excited that fewer people will be around. And this will be a good week for going to get my build-up allergy shots, because no one else will be at Health Services.

I think I've officially become a Stereotypical 3rd Year PhD Student. (Now I just need to get past these comps and be a Normal 3rd Year PhD Student!)

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Psychgrad said...

I'm always excited when fewer people will be around campus. But, I think I am motivated to do my work when I see other people working. So, reading week is a bit of a double-edged sword for me.