Sunday, April 09, 2006

Recipe for Fun Procrastinating

Take two webcameras (one here, one in Regina).

Add a procrastinating queen on one end, and a good friend with two little girls (one who's nearly three! and one who is going on three months, and whom the Procrastination Queen hasn't yet seen) on the other end.

Stir in chaos.

Yields: One good time.

Celeste was completely mesmerised by seeing this crazy lady playing peek-a-boo with her on the computer screen. Her eyes got so huge, and then she started laughing hysterically. The Wee Girlie was beside herself with excitement. She pulled up her own chair to the computer and did a lot of "Auntie! Look what I can do!" antics. Brandy and I also managed to give each other tours of our places with the webcams (since Celeste was born, they've entirely re-done the basement, complete with WG's own play area).

That's one way to fend off any hints of homesickness: to be plunked right in the middle of the hilarity that is that little family.

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Pink Cupcake said...

That sounds awesome! How lovely that you could see your friend and her children. Yay for webcams! :)