Saturday, April 08, 2006

Portrait of a Desperate Procrastinator

Time: 8:34pm

I am wearing: red sweatpants, fuschia tank top, white fleece zip-up bunnyhug, slippers, greasy hair put up in pigtails (or "propellers," as Chris calls them), blearly eyes.

Units of tea consumed: one pot, Pear Tree Green.

Units of popcorn consumed: one bowl

Other food consumed: a piece of toast, a banana, a bowl of soup, some bits of duck, and lots of raisins.

CBC radio shows: two.

Episodes of Battlestar Galactica watched: one, while eating the popcorn.

Long and analytical phone calls: three.

Loads of laundry washed: three.

Last time I was outside: 5:00pm yesterday.

Work Accomplished Today: I have written out my essay outline (it's several pages long) and have gotten through one of my books.

Work I need to get done: I have a couple more books to look through, and then I have fourteen more pages to write.


Kristiface said...

You can't be "desperate" yet! You've only had ONE bowl of popcorn!!!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

So very true. But Chris had over-buttered that bowl and so I wasn't really feeling like having more popcorn, after that bowl.

But, speaking of which, I should make myself some popcorn...