Monday, May 03, 2010

The nicest kind of afternoon

I decided that I needed to work from home today.  I'd been putting off laundry and bread-baking, both of which are tasks that I do during weekdays while I'm dissertating.  They're the two household tasks that are exclusively mine, because they can be done in little bursts of time through the day, forcing me to take breaks.  They also give me little pockets of time in which it's easy to get a lot of work done: there's nothing quite like "Let's see how much typing I can do in the next forty-five minutes while this bread rises."  And it means that I'm not sitting around checking my email during my breaks: I'm up kneading dough or hauling baskets.  

I don't have much of substance to say.  I just am feeling happy because I managed to scan through a difficult German-language book quickly, and then I got to knead some bread dough, and rewarded myself by sitting down in a sunbeam with a good cup of tea.  A sense of accomplishment, a little physical work, some sunshine and some tea.  That's all I need in a day. 

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