Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grace in Small Things, I Just Crashed Edition

1. Having completed reading three years' worth of German newspaper. I read twenty months between Monday and today. (I confess that I over-researched the first year-and-a-bit, but then I met with Dr. Supervisor and he helped me focus my search.) I ended up being able to read a newspaper a minute.

Seriously: just a bit of scanning and then I haul that case of microfilm back to Inter-Library Loans. It's like a happy dream. (I'm willfully ignoring the fact that this was just the first of five newspaper surveys.)

2. The song "Soft Kitty" from Big Bang Theory.

3. Shirley Temples. Chris has bought me grenadine and ginger ale, and now I have one beside me and didn't even have to order off the children's menu at Swiss Chalet.

4. The Genius playlist iTunes created for me based on "99 Luftballons," now playing in my background.

5. When I crashed after I came home, after a half-week of insane newspaper research, a band performance and very little sleep, Chris made me stay home from prayer meeting. I haven't gone to bed yet, but it was nice just to lay on the couch and not have to be doing anything for a while. (Although composing this post makes me feel like this PhD comic.)


C said...

Yes! Soft Kitty! I cheered out loud on Monday when Penny finally made Sheldon sing Soft Kitty to her and then made it a round. Awesome

JustMe said...

i love this post! soft kitty and phdcomics in one!