Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Also, I rescued orphans from a burning building

My day, in order:

I woke up just after 6am after a very busy and late-night weekend. I was in the library basement by about 7:45.

I dressed up today, because I would go straight from my research to our fundraiser auction. Because of that, plus the fact that I was sitting at the big microfilm scanner computer, and the microforms librarian was gone for the day, I was repeatedly mistaken for a librarian. I spent the whole day with people asking me for help loading their microfilm into the readers, or to find a specific roll of film.

Okay, and then I somewhat pretended to be the librarian to make a loud study group go away and actually use a group study room. (The library basement is a designated silent study area and it's full of grad student carrels, so I wasn't just being a jerk.)

But I still managed to read more than six months' worth of German newspapers. Brain doesn't function. Accidentally said "unpossible" because the German word is "unmöglich."

Made a copy of an article from 1931 because its headline was "Beer for Babies." (But in German.)

And then went straight to the auction, where our band raised $800! (The reserve price we were looking for was $300, and for $350 we would add in an encore; for this amount, we are now committed to playing at the conference itself and taking requests). It went well, and the World's Best Kid played egg shakers and did a crazy beatnik dance for us during the encore. Those of you who know me on Facebook should go and watch the videos. You'll also see me dressed as a librarian.

Today's been nuts, and I don't know why I'm still awake. Tomorrow will be here so quickly, because I need to now turn around and read at least eight months' worth of newspaper.


The Blog Fodder said...

So tell us about beer for babies, already.

DC Power said...

We watched the videos. The performances were great.

C said...

Awesome! you guys were so great! whose little girl is that? she was hilarious!