Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crafty News

As Ky has already announced (and I have been talking about on Twitter), Chris has taken up knitting. Ky's now taught him how to cast on and do the basic knitting stitch, and he's starting off by making a Möbius strip scarf. Discover Magazine is to blame for his new knitting mania; he's convinced that he'll be able to make the dissected frog project in no time. (Well, he knew how to crochet when he was a kid, and he's decided that these sorts of handicrafts are exactly right for him these days: just mindless enough, but doing something useful, and combining his spacial awareness and manual dexterity with his love of knots.)

But seriously: isn't he precious?

I was starting to claim that I don't have a crafty bone in my body, but then I went to a Girls' Night with church, and we made Christmas decorations for our doors out of evergreen branches that had fallen during last Tuesday's wind storm. It was the perfect project: instant gratification, lots of floral wire (I love using floral wire), and both free and environmentally sustainable. Everything we used had been scavenged by Barb from our church (fallen branches, pine cones, and also cloth ribbons from off of presents and past decorations).

And look how Christmas-y my front door is now; can you believe I actually made this thing?

And then when Christmas is over, anything that's not compostable can be collected and used again next year! Completely brilliant.

Also also: they make super-fierce hats. Ky will demonstrate this fact:


In other news, Christopher will be off to the Grey Cup this weekend! This will mark the first time that he gets to see the Roughriders play in the Grey Cup, and he is more than a little excited right now. And he'll get to see his parents and his brother! He's pretty well so excited, he could run all the way to Calgary right now.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, I'm going to the Grey Cup too! GO RIDERS!

RTAs said...

Yay for Chris! Playing in Calgary is almost as good as playing in Regina. it will pretty much be a home game. PS. your Christmas wreath is beautiful Mary.

May-B said...

Yay for Chris!! I'm so jealous, but I am so glad he gets to go.

The wreath is beautiful and I really like it as a hat.

Anonymous said...

so awesome!! (both the knitting and the door thing) and is there an online pattern for this mobius strip scarf?!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

JustMe: the first one Chris is doing will really just be a basic scarf, sewn into a Möbius strip. After that, he's going to try out a specific pattern that markdynna's wife has been telling me about. So I'll keep you posted!