Thursday, October 29, 2009


Jen kept saying that this was a relaxing day. This is the difference in our energy levels: she was feeling relaxed, while I developed a twitch in my eye.

Here's what I did today:
  • I put together my teaching CV and cover letter, converted it to .pdf, and applied by email for sessional teaching work;
  • I worked with images of my research;
  • We phoned roughly a kabillion people about tomorrow's funeral, booking a slide projector, organizing the food, and I can't even remember what else;
  • We went through all of Jen's Grandpa's digital photos and put together a slide show (also editing the photos as we went);
  • I coordinated with the family and organized all the music for the funeral. I then learned a few songs, figured out the right key, and then practised them all day long.
  • I had one of the stranger phone calls of my life: I played the accompaniment on the keyboard as someone else practised his solo over the phone.
  • I cooked several meals;
  • We got together with all of Jen's aunts, reviewing photos and the slide show;
  • I bought two coffee urns;
  • Jen rented a hotel room for her parents, and then we coordinated rides to the funeral with her whole family;
  • We watched The Italian Job.
And now we're making dessert for tomorrow. I don't know how we managed all that today, but I'm ready for bed.

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Kate said...

Funerals are such a strange social experience when you're outside of the immediate family, yet close enough to have the bulk of the whirlwind event-planning aspects fall to you. It's all the craziness of wedding planning, only replace the joy with mourning, and compress the whole process into days rather than months. I'm so glad that you can be there for his family!