Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A different sort of week

This is the first time I've stopped running around since Sunday evening. Jen's grandpa got into a car accident on Sunday evening and passed away on Monday morning, and since he was one of the seniors from our church, with no family living on the Island, I got to launch into Deacon's Wife mode and make calls and send emails.

You know, it never gets easy being the one who goes through the church list and breaks it to every member that someone has died. No one ever wants to be the bearer of bad news, and there's never a good way to launch that conversation. (The worst was when I called Jen to make sure that someone in her family had called her.)

I'm now settling into a new normal for this week. Jen's coming from Edmonton to stay with us (she should actually be on the ferry now, but I probably won't see her until supper). I'm glad that Chris and I have something like this to do; I like being in Comforting Hostess mode. I have a good example to follow: I just have to remember how I felt having Vic and Barb take us in during our Worst Month Ever. I'm glad I have a chance to pay a bit of that forward.

And so now here's my week: spend more time at home than usual, but try to get to the library and get through some more microfilm. Put off having any meetings late this week, because I don't know when the funeral will be. Do a little more baking and having people over than usual, but also finish polishing my CV (I need to apply for sessional teaching work by Friday).

Depending on how the week goes, the posting might be a little light. But you do have to go check out the new masthead that Bronwyn made for Chris. It's pretty well the best thing ever.

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May-B said...

I'm glad you are taking Jen in. That is a good thing.

Also, I'm really pleased Chris likes the masthead. Yay!