Friday, October 30, 2009

Surreal kind of day

We've had the adventure of planning a funeral around an Olympic Torch relay. I had to put a warning into the announcement for the funeral, that the Olympic Torch would be going around the city that day, and that everyone traveling into town would want to plan to accommodate for heavy traffic.

I just read the news and, thanks to a delay that kept it from arriving last night, the Torch is now flying in to Victoria Airport about twelve minutes before Jen's parents do. In addition to going down the main highway into town, the relay will eventually do a circle around the hall where we're having the funeral. (Well, it's more that the hall is in the bottom right corner of the triangle that the relay map makes. It's only going to be a couple of blocks away!*) For some reason, having to make these sorts of plans is insanely hilarious to me; these sorts of weird details are so very Alec to me.

(He sort of looked and acted like the old man from Up. He lived on a remote island far from all family, and didn't have indoor plumbing but did have high speed internet and several computers running on LINUX. He was raising chickens and then ducks to work his way towards getting a permit for a composting toilet. Up until early this year, he climbed an extension ladder to bed every night, and tried very hard to put an elevator in his house, because he felt that the space was too narrow for stairs. He was having Chris do the math so that he could build a geodesic dome in his yard. Why shouldn't the Olympic Torch run a relay right around his funeral?)

We keep having to stop and remind ourselves: this is much better than having his funeral on Halloween.

* It looks like that leg of the relay will actually happen about half an hour after we have to be out of the hall.

Update at 10:00am: Jen's sister Laura texted her to say that they very literally followed the Olympic Torch into town.

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