Friday, October 09, 2009

I should be asleep right now...

...but I just got back from the Classiest Birthday Ever. To celebrate Ky's birthday, a group of over-educated girls went out for dessert at a restaurant that's on the 18th floor of a tower downtown (with beautiful views all around) and had Fancy Deconstructed Desserts, and then went to the opera. While dressed up in our nicest dresses.

Much, much fancier and more grown-up than any birthday I've ever had. (Most of my birthday parties, many of which have been shared with Ky's sister Lyn, have featured ice cream cake and board games. Because we're permanently 11 years old!) I think, to counteract all this classiness and grown-upiness, I'm going to have to make Ky wear a birthday hat on the weekend (nearer to her actual birthday), and maybe give her a wedgie or something.

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