Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been silent on this blog for the better part of a week now. Partly, it was in the wake of hearing that Glenn Dynna (whose son commented in the previous comment) suddenly died of a blood clot during physiotherapy on Thursday. It was a pretty big shock for his family, and I think I was having trouble putting it into words. (I'm sending so many hugs out to you, Mark and Terra.)

There have been other things going on around here that have been keeping me busy. We took part in our neighbourhood watch's garage sale, which gave me the opportunity to finally meet some more neighbours. We had a barbeque at the end of it, and it was lovely. We live on a good block, one that feels like a small town even though we're in a capital city, one where you talk with your neighbours over the fence.

Finally, in other news, I'm going to be going crazy reading microfilm for the next few weeks! I thought I had another week, because I'd only ordered it a week ago, and then had heard back on Thursday that they hadn't sent off the order yet (because they got confused about my order, even though I filled it completely according to their directions). But it's here from Illinois, and I have a couple of weeks to get through 21 rolls of microfilm. Whee!

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