Thursday, July 16, 2009

To my husband, on our fourth anniversary

I really have to record for posterity how you spent our anniversary: on the day after we got back from spending the first half of the week with my Norwegian extended family "up north," which had followed a whole week at Camp, you got up early to drive me to get my allergy re-testing. I really could have planned this better, if I'd called them earlier. Nothing like sitting around in a crowded doctor's office and mildly telling the technician (who has known me for years now), "So, it's our anniversary today."

And I'm sick with the Annual Camp Cold, on top of that. So, you spent our anniversary nursing me, driving me around, watching my dancing show with me, and making me tea. And now you're driving to get me Kleenex and juice popsicles.

I think we're going to have to pretend that next Tuesday is our anniversary. Dress up and go out for supper, and pretend that it's today. (Remember how I was sick with this same cold last year at this time? You were so kind while I coughed all over that lovely restaurant.)

I had something a little more eloquent planned, but I don't know how coherent I am now, with the clogged nose and the aching muscles. And so, instead, I'm going to follow the example of the speaker at our young couples' evening last week, who encouraged us to sit down periodically and list all the benefits of being married to our particular spouses.

Some of the good things about being married to Christopher:
  • Juice popsicles and three-ply Kleenex;
  • I only have to drive the car when I feel like it (I'd usually prefer looking out the window);
  • You are beloved by puppies, babies and old people;
  • It's well-known that you give good hugs;
  • You help my Mom around the house;
  • You're comfortable in a room full of PhDs and at the birthday party of a Norwegian senior citizen;
  • You wash the dishes, make good sauces, and bake nearly as well as your mother;
  • You speak fluent Robot, Dinosaur, Robot Dinosaur, and Baby Robot Dinosaur.
  • You make it fun to watch football;
  • You laugh at my jokes;
  • When I asked you if I should refer to your sideburns as "majestic," and you responded that they should be known as "Sideburns of Wonder."
  • You're so very patient with me;
  • You help me to be early for stuff;
  • You think I'm cute when I'm all gross and sick;
  • You bought me daisies for our anniversary so that I could carry them around the house and ask "Aren't daisies the friendliest flowers?"
  • You're the kindest, most cheerful and helpful person I've ever met.
Love and Anniversary Popsicles,
Your Wife


The Blog Fodder said...

You two are so cute.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'm glad that we're not the only ones that thinks that.

liz said...

You are completely adorable. Sincerely.