Saturday, July 04, 2009

Quick Saskatchewan (Somewhat) Randomness

  • Hi guys.
  • Yes, I've been home for nearly a week now, and yes I've been neglecting ye olde blog.
  • I have one excuse: we left my laptop's power cord in Calgary. Laptop and cord will be happily reunited today.
  • I've spent my week navigating the whole "Is this home? Or is the other place?" question.
  • It particularly got interesting when we joined the sea of green jerseys at the Roughrider game last night. (I'm still getting my voice back.) And we were playing against BC. Boy, is here ever home.
  • And yet I kind of felt like this prairie girl poseur, walking around with my SK plates and my Rider shirt, being all "Yes sir! I'm a permanent resident here! I don't live in Victoria!"
  • Do you know what Chris and I've found strange? We've been noticing that Regina's becoming more multicultural than allegedly-cosmopolitan Victoria. Way less of a melting pot. Which is funny, considering the stereotypes.
  • I went shopping for shorts. I've decided that, until styles for women's shorts change, I'm sticking to capris and skirts. (The long shorts taper in at the knees, which has the effect of "Hey guys! LOOK AT MY HIPS! LOOOOOK!" And we're not going to talk about Short-Shorts and the Pale-Skinned Woman.)
  • I think I'm finally finished with Mall Stores Targeted at Girls Ten Years Younger Than Me. I went to a bunch of those before returning to my beloved Rickis. Would you believe that at Rickis I'm a size 6 and I'm a size 11 at Bluenotes? (And they only had one item of clothing in "size 11", and everything else was smaller?) Understatement of the year: the salesgirl at the latter store said, with a straight face, "Our clothes fit a little small."
  • Can we please be rid of arbitrary numbering for women's clothing sizes?
  • I helped make another wedding cake! It was pretty.
  • And now I'd better get myself packed and on the road for North Battleford.


C said...

I too made the "no more shorts" decision and the "no more teeny bopper stores" decision this summer. until i went to winners and found a pair of decent shorts, but i still only wear them around family because of the shocking amount of cellulite on white my legs, from my need to be constantly covered in spf 60. oh summer! so lucky i am spending it at a place where no neighbours are close enough to see my hairy legs! have fun in NB!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

And I just found a pair of shorts that I like at Superstore! So I too have partially lifted the ban on shorts already.