Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To my husband, on our third anniversary

Well, Mr. Husband, we've survived three whole years now. And to celebrate that fact, we managed to be in the same province and not to spend the day camping with my extended family. In fact, I think we celebrated this anniversary pretty well, and in a way that was pretty representative of our relationship.

First, you were kind enough to let me sleep in and to lazy about the house while I tried to get rid of this cold I have. You managed to look past the gross neti-pot usage and the snorting sounds I made all morning and even called me beautiful several times today.

Then you made me get out of the house. We went canoeing and flew kites. After running around like children for an afternoon, we rushed back to your parents' place, cleaned up and went to the city's best restaurant. We wore our best clothes and raved about the chèvre-stuffed chicken. (Okay, we also were secretly pretending to be Iron Chef judges. We awarded them high points for plating design.) Then we went to our church's prayer meeting. And then came to your parents' place, where we put together the little kite you got at the dollar store, and I watched as you ran around the street (and the dining room) trying to make it fly.

I don't know if we act like normal married people. I don't know anyone else whose report of how they spent their anniversary is "WE BOUGHT KITES! MINE IS BIGGER THAN ME!" You're good for me that way; sometimes you realise that it's been a while since you heard me laugh and you do every stupid thing you think of until I start laughing.

And so thank you for being better for me than I deserve, for keeping me alive through my exams, for making me leave the house every once in a while, and for putting my tea cozy on your head every time you think I need to smile more.

With love from your wife.

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