Thursday, July 17, 2008

Highlight of last week

Sign of the sort of history nerd I am: last week, while I was on vacation, I got all excited about going to the North Battleford archives with my Dad. I'd run up to different friends and announce "Dad and I are going to the archives!" and they'd sort of back away and then say, "That"

We were there to get these pictures:

They're of my grandpa*, from when he was the last milkman in the area to use a horse for milk delivery! He apparently ended up having his picture taken by Saskatoon's newspaper (the archives also gave us a digital image of the article), and the top picture is the one that ended up in the paper. But the newspaper gave their negatives to the archives, and so we have high resolution digital copies of the whole photo shoot. (The picture that ended up in the newspaper is particularly huge -- I had to resize it just so that Blogger would let me upload it.)

(Would you believe that we had no idea that such pictures of Grandpa even existed until this Spring? Mom happened upon the first picture by chance, when she ran across a display from the NB archives that included a big print of it, identifying the horse but not the milkman. It was included in the city archive's photo gallery online, as you can see here, even though you have to click on the picture of the horse to see Grandpa.)

* This is my father's father, husband of Little Grandma.

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