Sunday, April 26, 2009

Or maybe he just discovered a new Taste Sensation

Remember how I made my own chicken stock last week? I experimented with freezing some of it in ice cube trays, with the intention that I would then put the frozen stock cubes into freezer bags and be able to measure them out easily whenever I was cooking. The problem was that I had forgotten to buy large freezer bags and had just left the trays of frozen chicken broth cubes in my fridge freezer, on top of the tray of regular ice cubes.

So, on Saturday afternoon Ariann and Derek were over here visiting with Karl and the wee Andrew while I was supervising a final. They brought along snacks, and while Chris was picking me up from the university, Derek poured himself a glass of Coke. He looked in our freezer for ice cubes, and instead of using the regular ones, decided to help himself to a couple of the yellow ice cubes in the top tray. He assumed that I was being fancy and had made lemon juice cubes for drinks. (I am not that fancy.)

Well, at least Derek only got a glass full of Chicken Coke, and it wasn't any of Chris's weird science experiment stuff that also sometimes ends up in our freezer.


crazy mom said...

LOL! That is very funny!

Chris said...

Those were my frozen urine samples!

C said...

ha ha ha! that is awesome! once, we made up a jug full of orange juice and rootbeer at a sleepover (my friends are weird) and forgot about it. the girl who's house it was, discovered it a few days later when she poured it over her cereal by mistake.

jo(e) said...