Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GiST Day 84: A few more hours until my sister's here

1. In a few hours from now, my sister's flying here on her birthday! Considering the fact that she's getting up at 4am for her flight, I won't complain about having to pick her up at 8:30.

2. I can't stop watching this video that Ky made of Andrew's first reactions to her puppy. Seriously: his laughter kills me. (And Baby Meets Puppy for the Showdown for Ultimate Cuteness Supremacy? Best day ever. Andrew decided to play fetch along with Vicki the puppy. We just had to keep him from putting the ball in his mouth like the puppy was doing.)

3. Last night I was very sick, but now I'm very thankful that I'm holding down food again and only have a bit of a sore throat left. (By the way: it's not a good thing to be a hypochondriac and have a weird combination of symptoms on the same day that the news is filled with warnings about the symptoms of Swine Flu. Because I'm a crazy person, I spent the morning repeating "I haven't been to Mexico. I haven't been to Mexico." But now I'm good.)

4. Janny asked that we watch the Chuck season (hopefully just season) finale with her, but Chris and I also watched it tonight. And I'm glad I've seen it. So good. I'll definitely want to rewatch it with her tomorrow. And maybe a few more times. That was ridiculously awesome.

5. Sleepy times for me. Always a happy thing.


The Blog Fodder said...

Watch for sudden urges to lie in the mud. Sure sign of swine flu.

Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh, Andrew was so funny when he kept obeying the commands I was giving Vicki!!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Like when he also did the "sit" and "stay" commands alongside Vicki?

The History Enthusiast said...

I love Chuck! I hope it comes back next season!

Meg P. said...

I wish Andrew would "sit" and "stay" when I tell him to!

I'm glad you guys had so much fun.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Meg: apparently you need to have a puppy "sitting" and "staying" next to him, and you have to be holding doggy treats. (We had to tell him that the biscuit was just for Vicki.)