Monday, March 23, 2009

GiST Day 50: I swear I'll make real blog posts again soon

1. I finally saw WALL-E tonight. I'll admit that I was dubious, because I'd heard such polarized responses to it. But I was charmed. It helps that it was full of music and clips from one of my all-time most favourite musicals, Hello, Dolly! (An aside to Brandy: I should warn you that I will be forcing your children to watch Hello, Dolly! with me this summer.) I'm marching around the house whiles singing "Put On Your Sunday Clothes."

2. After church today we picked up lunch from the city's famous/historical drive-in restaurant and then ate it at a picnic table on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. In spite of the fact that I was completely frozen (bare legs because I was in a skirt + wind off the ocean maximized by the fact we were on a hill), it was completely lovely.

3. Chris on vacation = he's in joyful puppy mode all the time. He keeps me entertained.

4. We got to play with Ky and her puppy tonight (and watch WALL-E). Chris + Ky + Vicki the puppy = happy. (And now I'll stop bragging about how happy that is, because poor Lynnie's in an other province, hardly sleeping thanks to the end of the semester in library school, and missing her sister and her puppy.)

5. It has been sunny for three days in a row. I'm so happy. (But I shouldn't have looked at the forecast. Sadder.)

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LynnieC said...

I AM missing Chris and my sister and my puppy. Thanks for rubbing it in.

I also miss you.