Sunday, March 22, 2009

GiST Day 49: Just in under the wire edition

1. Woo! I remembered to do this two days in a row. And it's even before midnight right now.

2. We had a really good visit with Chris's parents this week. And they're the sort of house guests who clean up the guest room and fold all the blankets before they leave. And they fill the house with delicious snacks. The House Guest Bar has been raised.

3. I have a very understanding Christopher, who managed to understand when I got all worn out and all peopled-out after his parents left, and didn't get upset when I told him that I needed him to go take a half-hour walk so that I could be alone at home and reset my brain for a while. (I'm really not used to having people around all the time.) He went for an hour-long walk, and my brain felt much better.

4. After that, Ariann and Derek came over and we played games. I demanded that all the games we play be easy and fun because my brain is very tired today, and they all complied.

5. We've had a bunch of wonderful news about Glenn today: not only has he been moving around and responding to physiotherapy a lot more than the doctors had ever predicted, but today they tried out a few things to see who all he remembers (he can't talk so far because of the trach the doctors had put in, but he can point) and first they discovered that he recognised the whole family in pictures, but then someone handed him his Blackberry and he tried to send a text message to a friend. Which means, contrary to the doctors' predictions, Glenn can: understand language, read, remember everyone, remember how to operate electronic equipment, and perform many tasks that require fine motor skills. This is all stuff that they thought he'd have to be re-taught or would never come back. And his personality's all there. This is huge and exciting.

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Meg P. said...

Don't worry - we'll lower that House Guest bar back down as soon as we come to visit! A toddler who pulls every book he can reach off your bookshelves, pushes all the buttons on your TV and VCR, goes through your garbage to spread it all over the place (and who knows what else)? Definite mayhem. Although, we'll try to fold the blankets when we leave, if you'd like. :-)