Friday, March 20, 2009

GiST Day 48: After Our We(s)t Coast Adventure Edition

1. Even though Goats On The Roof was decidedly lacking in goats on the roof (at this time of year), it was super-cool and we had a good lunch there. (And it's just delightful to see an actual Province of BC roadsign that says "Goats on the Roof -- Next Left" and then to turn left.)

2. So, yes we had rain at Cathedral Grove (and everywhere else), snow on all the mountain passes, sleet at Long Beach, a torrential downpour that kept Marnie and me in the car at Radar Hill, and no goats on a roof at Goats on the Roof. But we had a fabulous time, and the weather was surprisingly cooperative (or the rainforest wonderfully covering), so that we got to do everything that we actually wanted to do. And the weather made us feel particularly nautical, with the crashing waves and the fog rolling in.

3. Unfettered ocean + rainforest = happy QoWP.

If I could hug a forest, I would hug this one.

4. Wickaninnish Beach and Interpretive Centre. I liked it better than the famous Long Beach (but it might be because we had calm weather at Wickaninnish and sleet at Long Beach). When we sat in the lookout at the Interpretive Centre, the fog lifted and we could see all the way to the horizon. We didn't manage to see Grey Whales (it's apparently the place and time of year to see them), but we did get to laugh about crazy surfers being out there in this cold weather.

5. It's so nice being with Chris and his parents. We all travel well together, and Chris's parents are so laid-back and adaptable that what could have been a stressful trip (considering the weather) was fun. We just turned it into an adventure. And Chris pretended we were pirates. (Or riding speeder bikes through the Forest of Endor. But that's another story.)

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C said...

i loved wicanninish too. mom and i had dinner there on our first night, its a training restaurant for first nations kids.we were also disapponted by no goats and we were there in april!