Saturday, March 07, 2009

GiST Day 46: Whoops I Missed A Week

Sorry about that, everyone. The problem is the whole posting at the end of the day thing. Most days lately, at the very end of the day I've been either busy or really sleepy. Maybe I need to allow myself to post this whenever I actually feel like blogging during the day (much earlier).

1. We spent the evening with our sweet little Mary from church. In exchange for pizza, we got her new DVD player working for her.

2. Dude, do I ever love Panago pizza. And it's much less expensive than I remember it being. Like, it was a fraction of the cost of the pizza place where she usually goes.

3. Babe. What a nice little pig.

4. I like days when Christopher's home all day.

5. Hm. I'm going to find a way to present this whole "I hate all daylight-savings-time-related time changes and it angers me that I'm losing an hour of my life tonight" in a positive light. Well, at least it won't get dark in the afternoon anymore, but will wait until nighttime. (Of course, if we'd just not change our clocks in the late autumn, we wouldn't have had nighttime at 4pm.) So there's that. Oh, and there will now only be an hour difference between home and here, meaning that I can phone my parents at 7:30pm my time, and not have to worry that they'll be heading to bed. (You know, in Saskatchewan they stay on DST all year long! It's a magical land.)


The Blog Fodder said...

A true Saskatchewan girl. Firmly opposed to anything that might resemble change or bring them to standard with the rest of the world. Actually Saskatchewan is NOT on DST year round. Only the western half of the province. The eastern half is on CST year round. The time zone which was set long before 1905 split the province in the middle.

Arlen said...

Sorry, but I have to disagree about the DST thing. It used to be true that our province was split time wise. That is no longer the case. The entire province was moved into one time zone by the provincial legislature (1976 I think). It was really difficult having Regina and Saskatoon in time zones. I remember being able, as a small boy being able to drive to Grandma's house (80 km west of where we lived and in the other time zone) and being able to get there before we left. The ride home always took 2 hours though. Saskatchewan is not unique in staying on DST. Arizona also does not ever change. The USA is now experimenting with the dates of the time change. I have actually read that there are now some proponents of remaining on DST year round. That means that Saskatchewan is again just ahead of the rest of the world and they are trying to standardize to us.:-)

How can you tell that this, like Christopher, is one of those things I do not understand in the Rest of the world.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Uncle Al: You know, I like to think that it's because I've experience what it's like to change time here, and I find that I dislike life when we go off DST. Anyway, as Arlen said, it's looking like a lot of places in North America keep shifting the dates when we go off DST closer and closer together to phase it out eventually. I like thinking of SK (and I guess a lot of Asia, as Ariann always points out) is the wave of the future.

Arlen: I don't think I'll ever understand how the time zones actually work in SK.

ncsteph said...

I completely agree with you, Maryanne! I grew up with the time change and really didn't enjoy it. Then I had the privilege of SK living for a few years and never once took it for granted!!! This morning I woke in Calgary and the first thing I thought to myself was "reasons why SK is a better place to live: I'd still have that hour of sleep I just lost if I were there right now!" *sigh*

Also: as far as I know, Indiana has never changed time, either... or if they did, they stopped decades ago.

love you :)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

The funny thing is that you never hear me complain this loudly when we actually go ON to DST in the autumn. Much as it ends up driving me crazy when it gets dark so early all of a sudden (boy, is that ever depressing) it is kind of exciting to get an extra hour at night. But then you pay for it in the spring, and boy do I ever grumble then. It throws off my whole week.

The Blog Fodder said...

Arlen is correct in that the province went officially to one time zone 30 or 35 odd years ago. However old timers like my self were there for the split time zone stuff and all the lunacy surrounding it. There are a few other states that do not change times. Idaho, that model of innovation and economic dynamism. Countries that do not change - China for one. Their whole country is one time zone, Beijing time. Which really throws places like Xinjiang which are four real time zones away.