Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clearing out my head

It was one of those days: I was starting to get myself out of that usual procrastination-guilt-avoidance pattern (at least I recognised it and caught it comparatively early), and trying to get a bunch of work done so that I could get caught up today. I spent a long time going through all the review exercises in German, getting back to where I need to be. I forced myself to look at my research and send emails requesting information. My brain was starting to hurt from all of the effort of making myself deal with everything I've avoided. That first effort of facing everything I've been avoiding always makes my tummy hurt a little.

And then, just as I was at a point where I really did need to take a break, Chris asked if I wanted to take a quick run to the beach with him. He was preparing for tomorrow's Biology class and needed a few different varieties of seaweed.

We went to my favourite beach , the rocky one by Beacon Hill Park that has an amazing view of the mountains. It was the best time to go there, because the sun came out today and the weather decided that it's now springtime (a month later than usual). It was exactly what my brain needed: I wandered around, watching the waves and taking pictures, free from my wool coat and my gloves. My head is full of sunshine now, and I'm actually looking forward to doing some more research tonight.

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