Saturday, February 28, 2009

GiST Day 38: I'm Not Very Consistent Edition

1. Is it dorky that last night I completely forgot to blog because the episode of 30 Rock was so good? It ended at 10:00 and then we went to bed.

2. Even better than that: the movie Stone of Destiny. I'm still all wiggly about it. Chris was dubious before we went, because he'd heard nothing about it, but I should have just told him: it's Scottish (and so there will probably be triumphant bagpipe music), it's a historical heist movie, and it has Pippin from Lord of the Rings and a cameo by the mom from So I Married An Axe Murderer. It was so good that I had to rush home and tell Ky about it, because it's exactly the kind of movie that she, her sister Lyn and I would have rented several times when we all lived in Regina.

3. I got to see my friend Rebecca tonight. We've been friends since we were six years old, and it's still kind of a novelty that we actually live in the same city (she grew up on the Island here), even though it's been three and a half years now.

4. Today was a good day for work. I'm ready to do some writing now, after a good steady day of getting through a whole bunch of research. I actually started in the morning, for once. And I worked in a healthy way, drinking a lot of water and sometimes reading while sitting on my exercise ball. I was starting to remember the tricks I learned during my MA thesis.

5. We have two fancy (read: non-cheddar) cheeses in my fridge right now: Tomme de chèvre and Promontory.* I cut up little squares of both, with a handful of pecans and a nice cup of tea, for my mid-morning snack. It was an unusually good snack for a work day around here: it set the tone for the whole day, and helped put me in the frame of mind for all the good work I mentioned in point number 4.

* Somehow, today I managed to prove Derek's strange claim that married life means having more cheeses than just cheddar in your fridge.

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Anonymous said...

Promontory? That sounds like cheese that can see into the FUTURE.