Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bringing Back the Saturday Morning Blogging

Soon I'll get to work. I can't decide whether I'll write or practice German first. But this moment is so nice I thought I'd blog it.

I'm sitting under the SAD lamp for a few minutes as I let the brown sugar syrup cool a bit. I made pancakes, which I've covered and am keeping warm in the oven.

Chris is in the office, working on report card marking right now. We have all the radios in the house playing Radio 2 Morning, which I'd never tried on the weekend before. (I don't particularly like the weekday version, hosted by Tom Allen. His banter tends toward the inane and I tend to get frustrated with the songs he plays. But Molly Johnson hosting on the weekend? Perfection.) Ten more minutes and then it'll be Stuart McLean.

Pancakes and CBC radio. Even though we both have a lot of work to do today, it still feels like Saturday.


Meg P. said...

Boo. I love Tom Allen.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I do not. I give him so many second chances and I end up shutting him off. Well, I'd rather have his between-songs banter than Rich Terfry's. (Terfry picks good songs, but his between-song talking tends toward the inane.)