Sunday, February 15, 2009

GiST Day 26

Some days it's probably good for me that I have to end things off by coming up with the small happy things. I'm buried under marking, and my heart hurts for my friends Mark and Terra (update: Glenn didn't respond when the doctor wanted him to, but did squeeze Donna's hand when he was taken off of sedation; the CAT scans showed that swelling had reduced significantly, but it's all still a waiting game). But I need to look to the good things.

1. I had a nap this afternoon. I so rarely nap, and a good nap is worth more than rubies.

2. Even though we messed up with the VCR on Friday, we managed to see this week's BSG on TV today. That always makes a day better. (That's right: incredibly dark sci-fi brightens my day.)

3. Strawberry tea makes my marking better.

4. Some of my students exceeded my expectations with this assignment. And others said funny things unintentionally that make me laugh and laugh. Both of these things sustain me.

5. Chris and Quatchi Work On Puzzles:


The Blog Fodder said...

How do you know your nap is worth more than Rubies? What is Rubies nap worth? Who the heck is Ruby?

LynnieC said...

I love Christopher.