Thursday, February 12, 2009

GiST Day 22: The Whoops! I forgot edition.

I was pretty busy last night (rushing through some marking, getting in contact with people about said marking) and forgot to post this.

1. My grandma called me because she heard I was sick! It was really sweet and totally made my day. I've been missing my grandma and grandpa a lot.

2. Things are getting better. I'm able to get work done and think pretty clearly and everything.

3. Man, I've missed cooking. I made lunch and I had this whole running cooking show going in my head. "I think I'll brighten this up with some fresh lemon juice," I said to myself. That's what cooking show chefs are always saying.

4. Seriously, first-year student prose is keeping me entertained here. That and cooking shows (obviously).

5. Bees. They're the best.

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