Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GiST Day 21: Fine, I'm back Edition

1. Chris is making little petri dishes for tomorrow's science class, and it involves him boiling water in the kettle all evening. The whole house is hot and humid, and my sinuses are so very happy. Wheee!

2. Christopher is so cute. He went to a health food store and bought agar agar for the petri dishes. When the clerk asked him was he was going to be making with it, his only response was "Bacteria loves this stuff!" And waited a while before he mentioned that he's a science teacher.

3. Even though I'm this big old Sad Lady Shut-In this week, lots of people phoned me and it was very pleasant.

4. Cold leftover pizza. Lynnie and I used to scheme that we would go to a restaurant, buy a pizza, and then put it straight in the freezer for a while so we could skip right to the cold leftovers stage. It's that magic.

5. Hooray for Flight of the Conchords reruns. Even if I don't get to watch the new episodes for a while.


LynnieC said...

Oh, cold pizza, you delicious creature, you.

2 more sleeps!!! 2 more sleeps!!!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Two more sleeps! Two more sleeps!

Teacher Lady said...

Weep, you'll all have awesome times while I'm stuck at home.

Ky said...

Ya, awesome times like having your nasal passages clogged so you can't leave the house??
We'll be lucky to have any awesome time with poor, ill Maryanne.

Julia H. said...

mmmmmmm.... Cold pizza and FOTC. Arguably the best things in the world.