Monday, February 09, 2009

GiST Day 19: Cabin Fever/Shut-In Edition

I'm trying to keep this list from being "Trying to come up with the Pollyanna version of complaints I have right now." I promise I will try. (But my head hurts right now, and I have to teach a whole bunch tomorrow. And I have to leave the house tomorrow, for the first time in nearly a week.)

1. It will be good for me to leave the house tomorrow. Considering the fact that I can count on one hand (with fingers left over) the number of people I've seen in person since Wednesday, it's about time for me to get out of the house.

2. I think I know how to organize tomorrow's seminars so that I talk as little as possible. This will keep me from getting burnt out on my first day back. (Especially considering the fact that I'm still feeling like poo.) (And wow, am I ever glad that this is a seminar that already taught within the past year. Even though I'd totally forgotten everything about the readings and had to re-read everything, I think I can teach tomorrow while on auto-pilot.)

3. I only ate real, non-soup food today. I even had enough energy to hover over the stove and teach myself how to make mushroom risotto. It was nice getting back into a bit of cooking.

4. It was nice having one more day of rest. I watched a movie on TV this afternoon, did some leisurely housework, and chatted with pleasant people on the phone. I didn't do any real work until this evening.

5. I should be good and healthy by the time Lynnie and then Bronwyn and Amanda descend on Victoria! And Bronwyn's bringing a puppy for Ky! (Okay, this item is just plain happy, with no "I'm trying to put a Pollyanna spin on grumpy stuff".)

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