Monday, February 09, 2009


Okay, Bloggy Minions, we have a problem here. I did this Wordle thing for the words used most frequently on my blog (on the main page) and here's what it looks like:

Wordle: West Procrastination
Uh, you might need to click the link. But the words "Kleenex," "Disgusting," and "Bacteria" have been dominating too much of my blog space, and my brain space.

But here's the problem: remember how I was going batty with cabin fever? Remember how I needed to get out of this house like crazy and I was kind of glad that I was teaching today? Yeah, it turns out that I do not just have any ordinary cold, but I have Ky's Infamous Zombie Plague of 2008. (Seriously: read those three posts. Ky makes illness far more interesting than I do.) Well, actually it turns out that I really do have sinusitis (and it's looking more and more likely that I have a real sinus infection, and will have to go on antibiotics if this doesn't start improving in 48 hours), and the only reason why I was feeling any better was because I was taking care of myself and I hadn't gone outside and breathed the cold air.

Until today. I tried to teach. But I nearly passed out (several times) when my sinuses went bazoo when I rushed around and went outside. Like, I got so dizzy that I went incoherent and somewhere in there I went to school a lot more slowly than I thought I was going, and I was late for the first seminar and they left before I got there (some came back for the second group), and I can't even accurately give you an account of everything that happened between 9:30 this morning and the lunchtime I spent in the doctor's office.

So, that was bad. And now I can't leave house this week either. I'm stuck at home and I'm feeling worse because I was stupid and tried to get back to normal. And I made things complicated for the prof for the class I was TAing, since now half of one class didn't get seminar this week, and then she had to sub for me in the afternoon. And the only thing I could tell her, when she asked why I didn't call her last night and just have her do today's seminars in the first place? "I thought I was better."

So. I guess once my sinuses settle down again I can get some writing and marking done. But until then, I'll be watching You've Got Mail and pretend that it's charming to shuffle around the house in a bathrobe full of kleenex.

(There will be no GiST today. I'm quite obviously feeling too whiney.)


The Wisper said...

In You've got Mail, Tom Hanks sure thought it was charming when Meg Ryan did exactly that.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Exactly. I'm going to be charming like that.