Friday, January 23, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Day 3

1. That boy of mine went and put in little hooks for the measuring spoons to hang in the cupboard, so that they're easily accessible and look more tidy. It's such a small thing, but it makes me inordinately happy. I like when everything has a specific home.

2. I'm spoiled rotten. That boy of mine is getting better from his cold (and I'm coming down with it) and so he spent the day taking care of me.

3. It sounds like my friend Lee will be getting out of the hospital tomorrow, and he's doing really well. (He went in on Sunday, because of a Crohn's flare-up.)

4. This really is a variation on #1 (and #2), but it's really making me happy: my kitchen is clean! What a good boy I have. The whole world seems a little more bearable when I have a clean kitchen.

5. I watched a German language TV news show today, and by the end I was mostly keeping up with the pace of their talking. I didn't understand everything they were saying, but I followed the gist pretty decently. That made me really happy.


LynnieC said...

Did they say "funf" at all? I listened to a German news show once for a bit and that was the only thing I understood. It made me happy because that's my favourite word.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

They said "fünf" a bunch of times. It really is a good number.