Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Day 4

I started writing this on Saturday evening, when it would have been posted on time, but I was watching Casablanca with Ariann and Derek and it's very hard for me to function during that movie. And so I closed the window, intending to finish when they were done, and forgot until morning. I am not very good at this thing.

1. Casablanca. I've seen that movie too many times to count and it still doesn't grow old for me. As soon as Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are on the screen, I'm not going to be able to stop watching. And every time we get to the scene where Victor Laszlo leads everyone in "La Marseillaise," I'm hugging my knees and punching the air triumphantly. It's nice having something around that makes me happy every time.

2. I experimented with my usual carrot soup recipe and added roasted red peppers. Dear goodness, that soup was amazing. Instead of dill, I added a small dash of curry, two dashes of cayenne, and a liberal helping of chipotle pepper. (And a little garlic, but that's pretty much a given in all of my soups.) It was bright, bright orange and the consistency was perfect. Man, I might not even wait for Sunday lunch to eat the leftovers.

3. Having enough energy to cook is wonderful. It seems like that cold was really short-lived, which is unusual for me.

4. Ky had three of us girls over on Saturday afternoon, to eat leftover cheesecake and talk. We need to remember to get together on a regular basis, because it was sure good for my brain.

5. Christopher. That boy is so good. On Saturday morning, he let me sleep in (to make sure I was getting better) and quietly washed all the floors in our house as a surprise. I don't know how I found a boy like that.

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The Blog Fodder said...

You are so cute.
Casablanca is my favourite movie.
I want that recipe for carrot soup, please.