Friday, January 30, 2009

GiST: Day 9, Packing for Conference Edition

1. Much as I get stressed out that I'm going to forget something, and then over-pack to over-compensate for that fear, I love packing a suitcase. I like exercising control over tiny spaces, where things can be perfect. I get to roll and fold everything up and make it all fit into the suitcase. For this short time, and in this small space, everything is orderly. (Lynniec knows what I mean.)

2. I got paid today. And then Chris gets paid in one hour, and then I get my fellowship cheque on Monday, and then on Friday my TA money arrives. This is bliss. I'm finally going to go and get that haircut I've been needing.

3. We went grocery shopping immediately after I deposited my cheque, and I got to go and get whatever I wanted. We mostly kept to the shopping list, but we also got ice cream and a bag of chips. And Chris even let me come along to the grocery store (when money's tight, I'm not allowed to come grocery shopper, because he's good at budgeting, while I'm an impulse shopper and a wheedler.)

4. I just talked on the phone with my beautiful friend Kara tonight and found out she's pregnant! (And that I'm allowed to tell people.) This will be the first Teen Girl Squad baby and I'm so excited for her and Greg. (And hi, Kara! She said she's been reading the blog.)

5. By this time tomorrow, I'll be in a resort by the ocean, surrounded by crazy historians, at my favourite conference. These sorts of weekends remind me of why I love my field. (Even if the illustrious C won't be there, for my first time since I started going to the conference. And she's making me socialise with strangers and not just hide in my room!)


LynnieC said...

Oh, I SOOOO know what you mean. Sometimes I love packing!!! Not when it's my entire apartment though. Boring.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Exactly! Whole apartment full of boxes? There's no way you can have full control over that. (Although I weirdly love that last day of unpacking an apartment, where everything finally has a place and we buy baskets and things to make the house obsessively organized. It never lasts, however.)

C said...

i never said it had to be strangers. you have started hanging out with more of the other grad students, (lisas etc.) i am sure you will have a good time!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I know that there are non-strangers to hang out with, but will there be anyone there who will skip a session with me to watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on TV? Exactly.

C said...

well, if you made your superior tea selection widely known, i bet you could find someone!

ncsteph said...

WOOOOOT!!!! I am so happy for KARA & GREG!!!! I got the call last night on caller ID, but the phone was busy all night - I can't believe i missed the news, YAY! okay. I'm done. I'll go FB her.